Update from Bozeman Riders

Getting ready for an initial “shake down” ride on Sunday up Bridger canyon to the Bridger Bowl ski resort. Spectacular sunny day with stunning blue mountains off in the distance.  Nice climb up ..flew down.
Leaving in the morning for Livingston and the south along the Yellowstone River for 65 miles to just outside the north entrance to Yellowstone.
Everyone doing really well. Great group…all looking forward to tomorrow.
Everyone being extremely careful about Covid. Think for now we are good 🙏👍
Decided to cancel the dinner reservation for this evening and do an outdoor “tailgate” dinner instead with Phil rockin’ as our chef par excellence!
Got all of the equipment we will need. Amazing dinner of chicken, steak, shrimp burritos👍.
We will do many more of these along the way!!
Final pic – loading things into the trailer for the night.
Everyone already heading to bed looking forward to s great ride tomorrow down to Yellowstone 👍🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️

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