The Andean Health Cycling Team (AHCT)

The annual bike ride on behalf of Andean Health and Development (AHD) started in 2012 when Mike Heisler, former chair of AHD’s Advisory Board, cycled 630 miles in six days to raise $63,000. Against all odds, he completed his ride from Sioux Falls to South Bend where he carried his bike into Father Hesburgh’s office at Notre Dame.

Since then, a team was formed under the leadership of Dave Cutler, the team’s Supreme Commander; cyclists from around the country came together; and, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised. Check out the team’s past rides and achievements from 2012 – 2020.

Now 10 years later, a dedicated group of cyclists will gather in September 2021 to raise additional funds. It’s time to celebrate the success of the AHCT with three epic ride opportunities described on this site.

This year’s goal is to raise $500,000; funds will be used to expand AHD’s Family Practice Residency Program, to conduct research at the Andean Health Institute, and to support other initiatives working toward AHD’s core mission.

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AHCT 2016: Montana through Canadian Rockies to Jasper, Alberta