AHCT Satellite Teams

New in 2020, the AHCT Satellite Teams cycled in local communities to raise funds for AHD. Teams, ranging in size from 1- 30 members, designed their own route, picked their cycling day(s), and headed out together or alone to build mileage and funds. This year’s teams will do the same. Click on links below to join the forum discussion for each team.

For 2021, you have a few options. Join an existing team, start your own, or ride solo. All registered riders will receive a 2021 jersey. Some riders raise donations by miles cycled, some donate individually, some ride for fun and awareness of AHD. It’s up to you.

Use the sign up button below to let us know how you will participate.

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Team Acker

2 cyclists; Janesville, WI

Team Brewcyclists

5 cyclists; Long Beach, IN

Team Brownie

4 cyclists; Cedar Grove, WI and Ann Arbor, MI

Team Cannonball

2 cyclists; Madison, WI

Team CelerVaccas

1 cyclist; Michigan

Team Cheddar Chispas

15 cyclists; Madison, WI and locations throughout New Jersey

Team Coast2Coast

7 cyclists; Seattle, WA, Madison, WI, Miami, FL

Team Condor

5 cyclists; Jacksonville, FL, Gainesville, FL, Nashville, TN, Denver, CO

Team DT & JJ

2 cyclists, Seattle, WA

Team Dunn

1 cyclist; Milwaukee, WI

Equipo de Ciclismo de Pedro

5 cyclists; Chicago, IL

Team Extra Dry

4 cyclists; Southeastern, WI

Team Harding

4 cyclists; Michigan City, MI

Team Kalamari

14 cyclists; Italy, Canada, MI, TX, KS, OH, IN

Team Lost Slough

4 cyclists; California, Vermont

Team PALoton

5 cyclists; Indiana, Michigan

Team Patitos

1 cyclist; Boston, MA

Team Privateers

4 cyclists, Boston, MA

Team Rehobeth

5 cyclists; Delaware

Team Runger

4 cyclists; Chicago, IL, Brooklyn, NY, Tampa, FL

Team Ryan

9 cyclists; West Bend, IN

Team Saoirse

1 cyclist; Boston, MA

Team Slainte

8 cyclists; Nantucket, MA

Team Smokin’ Hots

16 cyclists; Wauwatosa, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Dallas, TX

Team Stephan

1 cyclist; Fort Lauderdale, FL

Team Tortuga

3 cyclists; Platteville, SD, Palm Coast, FL

Team Trolley Folly

3 cyclists; Seattle, WA, Aspen, CO